My degree is in secondary education with teaching endorsements in Spanish and ESL. In a pinch I can lead a high school class through first year French, just enough knowledge to get them safely out of the airport and to the hotel. I consider myself highly educated with not one but two incomplete Masters degrees, the only real point of contention between my husband and me.  As far as building experience, I have none save for the 7th grade shop class where I made a clock that ran 4 minutes fast because I was in a hurry to get the numbers glued on.  But my German roots have instilled a keen respect for tiblog 2meliness so it all worked out.

I married my hunky Spanican husband (his mom was Spanish, his dad American) back in 2001 and we have 4 kids.  In 2011 I quit my teaching job, we sold the house and packed up for Spain. The kids are now bilingual and working on a third language (French) while making fun of my Spanish every chance they get. Life in southern Spain has been good (and let’s not forget HOT) but with no more chance of pregnancy, we need a new adventure so…we’re building a house out of shipping containers.  Why make our lives easy by going the conventional route when we can fight with Spanish bureaucracy and leave our families scratching their heads yet again?  Life’s too short not to think outside of the box even if you do plan on living in one.

So consider this your invitation to come along for the journey where you’re sure to have a good laugh at our expense.